• Q:Why so expensive?

Over 60 procedures and take near 3 months to make it a real good and useful tool. We do pay a lot , but we promise to provide good quality and service for you . When you get it , you will find our product quality.


  • Q:What is the differences between Zunelotoo and other multifulctional folding survival shovels?

The main difference is we are using different tech to make the shovel.Besides, We only make the real useful fucntions base on a real good quality tool.

  • Q:Why your shovel is a bit heavy but not light like other EDC tool.

Actually, We tried a lot times and did a lot test before we release our shovels. If the weight is too light, you can not really cut thing and dig things easily. It will be curve/ bend easily. We have a make it a bit heavier than others if we want to make it a real useful tool.


  • Q:Why we have to sharp the knife ourself?
For the shipping problem and government policy, we can not make the tools very sharp for safety, so you have to sharp it yourself.We are really very sorry about this, we would like to try our best to help on this.