Our Shovel Collections

  •  Zunelotoo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and has launched four shovel series so far, namely WOLF THORN, Smilodon Camper, Crotalus adventurer and Annihilate. The Annihilate series includes F-A1, F-A2 and F-A3. The focus of each series is different, and the functions are also different.
  • For example, WOLF THORN is suitable for rescue teams. The excavation team can do some excavation work in a small space, so the size of WOLF THORN is relatively small, so that it can make great efforts in a small space. Of course it can also come in handy when you're tidying up your garden, which is pretty cool.
  • The Smilodon Camper shovel, when we designed it, we captured the image of the saber-toothed tiger opening its mouth and roaring, and got inspiration from it, but from the outside, we can know that Smilodon Camper can play a great role in felling. Indeed, we designed it so that users can easily do tasks like felling with it, and with this bionic look, it's just perfect.
  • Crotalus adventurer is designed for travelers, especially for long driving trips, you can attach it to the spare tire in case of emergency, it has the largest shovel surface of all shovels, it has powerful functions, you can completely trust it . We even custom made a beautiful collection box for it.
  • This series of Annihilate is our glory. They combine many advantages, dig, batch, chop, cut, pry, poke... They are omnipotent, especially F-A3 has been upgraded and accumulated for two generations, It is a product you can totally trust, the shovel surface material is indestructible, and after several cold and heat treatments, it can be used in extreme cold temperatures without breaking. The shovel face and shank are versatile, this can be called industrial art.
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