Motorcycle riding safety equipment - how to choose a glove that suits you

What is the most important point of cycling protective gear? When it comes to fit is the most important. For example, head circumference of 57cm but prefer to wear a 64cm size helmet, wrapped feeling poor, not to mention the safety performance will be significantly reduced, the same can be used in the selection of gloves.

The size of the glove is very important!

A good pair of motorcycle riding gloves should fit like your second skin, they must be tight to the skin, but not so tight as to prevent the flow of blood. The gloves must completely wrap around your fingers, with no extra gaps beyond that. If the gloves are not cut to fit well enough, they can cause discomfort and even abrasion of the skin during the process of removing the gloves and wearing them for long periods of time.

People who choose to haul out should measure the palm circumference, palm width and finger length before buying gloves to get accurate data before selecting gloves to avoid unsuitable size (or try on at a nearby dealer to confirm the size in the order, because the sea amoy products basically do not enjoy after-sales service).

Short gloves in the card after the tiger mouth position, Velcro in the upper wrist 1cm is both a reasonable position, too long or too short are said to be inappropriate size.

As an example.

One: If the actual measurement of palm width 8.9cm, and the target product M palm width of 8cm; L palm width of 9cm, how to choose at this time? The actual range of the product M palm width can be understood as 8-8.9/9cm, while the actual range of the L palm width can be understood as 9-9.9/10cm. palm width of 8.9cm can choose both the M size (wear it will be very tight), and can choose the L size (wear it will be more relaxed). People who like the sense of wrapping can buy M, people who want a loose and comfortable feeling can buy L.

Two: If the actual measurement of hand circumference 21cm, hand length 19cm, and the target product hand circumference is just right, but the hand length is 20cm, then to hand circumference as the main reference factor, the reason for the hand circumference to determine the sense of wrapping gloves, if you choose the right length of the small number?

Structure determines the level of protection!

Long gloves (the lower part of the glove extends to at least 5cm above the wrist) have an inherent advantage in structure, not only protecting the hand, but also effectively protecting the wrist from injury, so the protection is naturally the best (as evidenced by the use of long gloves in major road races).

PS: Half-finger gloves are fashion items, and the fingers are not protected when you fall off the bike, so it's not recommended to wear them while riding.

Abrasion resistance determines protection performance!

Abrasion resistance is another key point that determines the protective performance of gloves. When falling, the hand and the ground friction strength is almost the same as the hand directly on the sanding machine grinding. As a choice of glove material, cowhide is one of the standard materials and has long been used as a protective glove material. ps: some high performance gloves use soft sheepskin in the palm to provide extra support and comfort, or kangaroo leather to improve tear resistance. (Anti-friction performance: kangaroo leather > cowhide > sheepskin > fabric material).

The main part of the force-unloading palm shock-absorbing air cushion and slider!

The pads can absorb the impact when falling, to avoid the back of the hand from a large impact. The palm internal air cushion can contribute to the comfort of the ride and prevent the hands from being shaken to numbness during long rides. The palm slider is an important part in the process of wrestling for the body to slide when unloading the force, there is no fear of excessive friction resulting in unnecessary distortion of the hand.

Flexibility determines comfort!

You need a pair of gloves with good support, but you also need them to be soft and light enough. This way you don't have to exert too much effort to move the heavy gloves when you are constantly twisting the throttle, squeezing the brake and squeezing the clutch. At the same time, gloves that are too stiff can cause hand fatigue after a long ride and increase the likelihood of malfunction.

A pair of quality gloves can become more and more soft and comfortable over time, and it is difficult to have quality problems with pure leather riding gloves when accidents such as crashes do not occur, so students should consider buying a pair of gloves as soon as possible, as an insurance policy for riding life, if no accidents occur, it will always protect you silently. PS: When choosing new gloves, consider the type of motorcycle you ride, the weather, time of day, road conditions, etc., and then make a decision to choose the pair that suits you best.

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